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xME Institute

Recognizing the Critical Role of the Microenvironment

The xME Institute is a not-for-profit institution focused on the key role of the microenvironment in driving and controlling disease. At the cellular and molecular level, the microenvironment embraces blood vessels, immune cells, fibroblasts, inflammatory cells, extracellular matrix, and signaling molecules. At the treatment level, the microenvironment lies at the heart of today’s most transformative frontiers including immuno-oncology, precision medicine, gene therapy, angiogenesis, and regenerative medicine. The Institute is highly respected for its third-party objectivity, deep scientific and clinical knowledge, and global networks of healthcare professionals and researchers. A core aim of the xME Institute is to generate expert curricula on emerging therapies that optimize pathways within the cellular and molecular microenvironment. ACCME-accredited programs give clinicians, scientists, researchers, nurses, and other scientific and medical experts state-of-the-art courses covering late-breaking clinical data and concepts.




Third-party objectivity


Deep scientific and clinical knowledge

Global Networks

Global health and expert networks.

About the Angiogenesis Foundation

The Angiogenesis Foundation created the xME Institute to help educate health professionals about game-changing medical concepts, treatments, and protocols. For more than 20 years, the Foundation has taught professionals how to match the latest and best therapies to the right people, at the right time. The Foundation works with health leaders, doctors, nurses, researchers and patients to improve the healthcare landscape.